Yep, you can't go down.

You are playing post jam version of the game.
It has additional fight explanation and you can skip cutscenes.

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Hey, I just wanted to let you know that this game left a big impression on me, and I've come back to it a bunch of times since it was first released. 

It means a lot to me, so thank you that you wrote this comment. What you like the most about the game? It could help if  I ever wanted to expand idea of this game.

I enjoy that there's kind of a memory aspect to the dungeon maze. I like the way combat is abstracted, with the monster's mouths. It's a really clever visual metaphor that's neat to look at.

I also love that frigging bell. Right there but I can't touch it. I assume it's reachable but I haven't figured it out yet. A mystery like that is nice.

wow really nice game!
I got frustrated with having to start over all the time but overall It was very engaging, good job man! :D

Thank you.

The start over thing is just part of the game. I want that the player would feel that this isn't normal world, it collapsing, it is unstable ... like a dream. Perhaps the landing animation is too long :)

Mission succesful! :D Game left me wanting to see more & maybe just a little bit easier? :)

Did you finish the game and got the gold bell in the bottom right corner :D?

sadly I did not :( I only managed to kill maximum to kill two demons

If you willing to play more :D, I suggest you this order:

Go around the map and find out what is on the end of each path. Remember it. When the game restart the order will stay the same unitl you reload the browser.

1. Take sword

2. Take torch

3. Try to kill frog demon, because it is the hardest, maybe even too hard :/.

4. The rest of the demons are pretty easy with the sword, it's only 10 hits. Hitting in upper lift is a bit faster than the lower. So just spam up arrow when you can :D.

5. ....

6. Profit :D

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pretty nice game bro its like undertale + flappy bird .

well you guessed my inspiration :), although undertale has much better story :D